Project presentation and free training in Aitiip. Zaragoza (Spain) October 15th

Our project will be showcased in the frame of a workshop organised by Aitiip in its facilities. You can already register for free. The bioplastic and biobased materials are here to stay. Public opinion demands, with increasing force, sustainable products. The industry, to respond to this desire, is developing biobased plastics (from renewable sources) and [...]

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Our project is presented at Hispack 2018

Hispack, which attracts 800 direct exhibitors, is the Spanish biggest fair about packaging and it deals with the materials, technology, processes, logistics and solutions for manufacturing and the use of all types of packaging and containers for all industrial sectors and mass consumption markets - not just food. In this fair, Carolina Peñalva (Aitiip packaging [...]

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The project has been presented at The European Biopolymer Summit

Today Lidia García (Aitiip Centro Tecnologico) has presented our project at The European Biopolymer Summit, which is taking place on 14th – 15th February 2018 in Dusseldorf, Germany. This two day conference, in which we are participating as speakers, is designed to bring together senior executives, key industry experts, researchers and bioplastic manufacturers, to exchange [...]

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Read the interview to Mr Darragh Gaffney from Monaghan Mushrooms for Biorescue project

Funguschain partners are working on another biorefinery process, this time using mushroom by-products as the feedstock. The outputs will be different from BIOrescue, as this process aims at the creation of bio-based cleaning products, the extraction of proteins for food supplements, and the production of bio-plastic films from mushroom biomass. Both projects will help to [...]

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Welsh Governement select Funguschain as case study

The Welsh Government - H2020 Unit selected our project as a successful story. They interviewed our project partner Neem Biotech about their role in the project and Dr. Michael Graz of Neem Biotech Ltd. said: “Neem is very pleased to be involved in this high calibre consortium. This is a great opportunity for the consortium [...]

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The poster that Universidad de Alicante presented at the VI International Seminar “Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites”

See the poster that UA – Universitat d’Alacant / Universidad de Alicante presented at the VI International Seminar “Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites” during March 1st and 2nd in Valencia, Spain. […]

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