Project presented in the frame of a plastic circular economy workshop celebrated in Aitiip

Aitiip facilities were chosen by CircPack partnership to check plastic circular economy in action and to show project first progress to European Commission - Horizon2020 delegates. During this meeting, which took place on February 17th, a workshop about Aitiip’ bioplastic and circular economy solutions were showcased to project officers and Circ-Pack project members, composed by [...]

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Funguschain in schools!

Funguschain participates in Science and Technology in Action (STA), an Irish initiative designed to support the teaching and learning of science and related subjects. Each annual edition of STA contains a set of lessons that are industry led to be used by all teachers in second level schools. These lessons are available on a website [...]

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Carolina Peñalva partipated at INCREA congress

Carolina Peñalva, packaging responsible at Aitiip, participated in INCREA congress in La Rioja, an event organised by Ebro Valley Food Cluster, which aim is to inform main food stakeholders about innovative R&D results. Carolina, with a lecturer entitled “new materials for new consumer demands” showcased to the audience project outcomes.

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Biorefining and cascading approach for mushroom residues and by-products

Introduction The present document gives an overview of the achievements got during the development at bench scale of the cascade approach for the revalorisation of the mushrooms residues and by-products carried out in work package one. The main Funguschain partners involved in the development and optimisation of the cascade approach are: BioDetection Systems BV (BDS) [...]

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And also in the Bioeconomy Ireland day!

On October 19th. We will be presenting our project on this event which objective is to connect industry, research & innovation and policy around real bioeconomy opportunities for a sustainable and competitive future. Bioeconomy Ireland Day 2018 brings together key bioeconomy practitioners, thought leaders, industry, researchers, and policy makers to drive Ireland’s bioeconomy forward, creating [...]

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Project presentation and free training in Aitiip. Zaragoza (Spain) October 15th

Our project will be showcased in the frame of a workshop organised by Aitiip in its facilities. You can already register for free. The bioplastic and biobased materials are here to stay. Public opinion demands, with increasing force, sustainable products. The industry, to respond to this desire, is developing biobased plastics (from renewable sources) and [...]

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Our project is presented at Hispack 2018

Hispack, which attracts 800 direct exhibitors, is the Spanish biggest fair about packaging and it deals with the materials, technology, processes, logistics and solutions for manufacturing and the use of all types of packaging and containers for all industrial sectors and mass consumption markets - not just food. In this fair, Carolina Peñalva (Aitiip packaging [...]

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