Did you know that each week more than 60.000 tons of mushroom byproducts are generated in Europe?


The cascading approach

Funguschain project is a new concept of biorefinery which will be created to valorise outcomes with a cascading approach, following these steps:

1 Microwave-assisted extraction

A fast and reliable extraction technique based on improvement in extraction kinetics provided by heating induced by microwave radiation.

Results will be molecules such as antimicrobials, antioxidants or polyols which will be applied in further processes for the cleaning, food and plastic sectors.

2 Pressurised hot-water extraction

A powerful extraction technique using high pressures to maintain aqueous solvents in liquid state at high temperatures.

Results will be biocative proteins and polysaccharides that can be directly used as food supplements with enhanced texturizing and prebiotic propierties.

3 Saccharification fermentation

A deconstruction methodology of the biomass into a sugar platform, which constitutes the starting point for the production of fermented biopolyesters.

The biopolyesters obtained from treated biopolyesters will be used to formulate new bioplastic blends. Biopolyesters will be produced using the sugar platform to formulate novel bioplastic blends in compounding facilities for the plastic sector.


Remaining biomass will be dedicated to generate compost and biogas by anaerobic digestion.

The result will be compost and biogas, which is produced by the breakdown of biodegradable waste inside a landfill due to chemical reactions and microbes, or as digested gas, produced inside an anaerobic digester.

Demonstrators and future applications

These high value molecules from the fungal residue will be applied to a wide range of end-user products like:


A unique consortium coordinated by BioDetection Systems B.V., The Netherlands (BDS), which consists of 16 partners from 10 different European countries, including research institutes and 12 different companies that are leaders in biobased economies.


The Funguschain approach will bring innovative green compounds for the cleaning, food and plastic sector.

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